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Westend61 claims to be your stock agency for royalty-free premium stock photos. In our database of over one million images, you are guaranteed to find the right stock photo for your project or that of your clients. The rights are cleared for all images, and they can be used worldwide for an unlimited period of time.

What makes us your stock photo agency?

With the large number of images, it is sometimes difficult to keep an eye out for the right image and a well-founded image research sometimes takes time. And that is often in short supply. That’s why, in addition to the continuous technical improvement of our webshop and our search functions, we place a very high value on personal service. Our teams in the sales and creative department are happy to help you with your image search.

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When you need it extra fast!

Today, I have a special tip for you: Our 12 smart pinboards that depict the most important trends in stock photography. The fancy part: These pinboards are continuously updated by our Creative Department and thus always show you the latest stock photos from our worldwide photographer network.

In our 12 smart pinboards you will find exclusive, authentic, and creative images on the following topics:

Energy – the foundation of our progress

Energy moves us forward. It is the basis for development and progress. Climate neutrality, sustainability, renewable energies, and energy efficiency are the key issues in the energy transition – one of the greatest challenges of our time.
Find all the best images on our pinboard.

Sustainability – with responsibility into a climate-positive future

Decades after the emergence of a modern environmental movement – we are unfortunately still at the beginning of a global development aimed at conserving resources, distributing them more equitably and minimizing environmental degradation. But at least the necessary steps have now gained higher priority in the agendas of local, national and international politics. The principle of sustainability is increasingly coming to the forefront of public consciousness.
These are the best images to showcase your approach to sustainability.

stock image, royalty-free, Businesswoman riding electric bicycle in city

Digitalization – Man and machine in harmony

Digitization and all its aspects are attracting a great deal of attention. The demand for good images from the subject area of “new technologies” is permanently increasing strongly. No wonder: Digital networking in all its forms is a strong eye-catcher for visual messages. The interaction between people and technology offers countless creative possibilities.
Check out our pinboard!

Business Mid-Ager – The performers with a penchant for challenges

More than any other group, “multi performers” embody the values of the modern meritocracy: most of them are self-employed and company founders; they are flexible, open-minded and willing to take risks, as well as being forward-looking and able to think strategically. These business midagers are characterized by determination and a focus on their careers.
Find the best business midager images in our pinboard!

Business & Finance – Security, consulting, and authenticity

Business campaigns not only have a broad target group, but also diverse demands: classic yet creative, attention-grabbing, unique but royalty-free – the search for the right stock image for a business campaign is not easy. The purposes are just as diverse: finance, industry, consulting, contract negotiations, but also security, sustainability and authenticity are important features. As a picture agency with 17 years of experience, we have a good feel for our customers’ ideas and have already illustrated many campaigns with the right motifs.
Maybe yours is the next one?

Stock image, royalty-free, Thoughtful businessman with credit card leaning by laptop on table at office
© Joseffson/Westend61

Real Estate & Lifestyle – The image for many purposes

Real estate is an ideal for wealth, whether as a home or an investment. In royalty-free stock photography, it is also a motif with a high level of conceptual diversity, which should arouse the interest of many advertisers. Security, new beginnings, life in balance and deceleration are the core messages of the own home in this context.
On this pinboard you will find the best Real Estate & Lifestyle images.

Real Estate – Investments without residents

Real estate is an ideal for prosperity, whether as a home or investment. Besides the common stock photography concepts of security, and living in balance, images of real estate, rooms and spaces are often in demand, without their inhabitants. For this purpose, we have compiled this pinboard of real estate objects.

stock image, royalty-free, Bright living room in a modern luxury house
© Addictive Stock/Casa Media/Westend61

Pharmaceuticals – An industry moves into focus

The pharmaceutical industry is on-trend. Healthcare has never been more in the spotlight than it is today. People are living healthier and healthier lives, and yet researchers face new challenges, viruses, bacteria, variants and modifications every day.
Find the most current images on the topic right here.

stock image, royalty-free, Female pharmacist analyzing at laboratory

Health & Lifestyle – trend, passion, and business

Health is many things: trend, passion and of course business. Our mental and physical well-being is omnipresent in our desires. But what does a healthy lifestyle look like? Sport and vitality versus rest and relaxation – ideally a little bit of everything, plus a healthy and balanced diet.
The appropriate images for these topics can be found on this pinboard.

Best Agers – the target group with purchasing power

Silver Agers, Best Agers, Generation Gold – royalty-free stock photography and marketing know many terms for people beyond their 60s. Often the images of this target group have the same focus: dynamic, fun-loving, and “young at heart. This pinboard captures many of our photo highlights from one of today’s most important target groups.

People & Nature – the playground for our well-being

Man needs nature, for small escapes from everyday life and for a meaningful and good life. In nature we not only find beautiful sceneries but also experience our happiest moments, the breeding ground for our mindfulness. In a sustainable approach to life, nature is the center of our responsible actions.
Check out the pinboard!

stock image, royalty-free, Senior man looking at sea
© Gustafsson/Westend61

Cooking & Eating – more than just consumption and calorie intake

Enjoy these pictures! Food is so much more than just consumption and calorie intake: from daily indulgence to trends and loving preparation, from being a host to a culinary voyage of discovery – because nothing makes our mouths water like delicious photos, we’ve dedicated a dedicated pinboard to this favorite topic.

stock image, royalty-free, Woman photographing fresh vegetables using smart phone at home
© Eugenio Marongiu/Westend61

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