As we know, prominent international photographers like to settle in metropolises like New York and Paris. When you want to visit Vasily Pindyurin at his home you have to travel a little further: Pindyurin, who we know for his adventures in the Russian backcountry, lives Blagoveshchensk in the Amur region close to the Chinese border. Maybe it is an inspiring place for unique art projects. Recently he surprised our creative department with a production way beyond the stock photography norms. Our art director and photo editor Giorgio Fochesato, who works a lot with Vasily, took the chance to interview him about the spaceman project.

Giorgio: Why did you decide to create a photographic spaceman project?

Vasily: Well, last spring I finished one of the courses in contemporary art photography in which I got a massive dose of new information and impressions. So huge that I felt small and kind of helpless in the big ocean of human culture like a spaceman in the universe. The idea of creating a new art project was born. I began to shoot some trial shots and shared them in my Instagram stories. Then Westend61 wrote me a direct message that the spaceman idea would be very cool stock photography production. After giving it a few thoughts, I said yeah, it must be cool!

G: The entire project consists of three different submissions, what’s the story behind each of them? Where did you shoot?

V: The first part was shot in sand caves in various locations. I looked for suitable sites some time. I also waited a few days for the perfect weather and light. One of the sand caves turned up to be accessible. The security man appeared in the middle of the photo shoot, but he was very kind to us. Big thanks to him! During the production, I chose figured out the best possible perspectives and scenarios, trying to create a sense of Mars or a similar planet.The second part is an adventure in the forest and the fields. Again we shot for two days. The primary challenge for me was clouds of mosquitoes because in summer it was rainy and repellents didn’t help us struggling in wild nature. Finally, the third part was shot on the streets of our city and in the adjacent Chinese city, which was a separate adventure in the different country. The kids over there were excited when they saw a strange apparition in that shining costume.
G: Where did you find that spaceman suit?

V: It may seem like a big secret space project, but it was an engineering project by our Chinese friends that are working in the carnival business.

G: Your model walked around the city at night wearing a cosmonaut suit. How did the people around you react?

V: Yeah, it was hilarious for the people but not for me at times. Some people were taking pictures with us to share in their social networks, and others asked to hug or touch the spaceman or tried to talk to him. At first, the model was discouraged and didn’t know how to react to this. After a bit, we decided to enjoy it, relax and have fun.
G: By the way, who is the model?

V: The Model was my wife, Irina. She worked hard for this project and took part in the development of some scenes and locations. I am very grateful for her help, support and of course all the fun we had together.

G: My favorite image is the one taken at night with those strange trees. What kind of trees was that?

V: Honestly, I don’t know. They look like unexplored alien mushrooms or large grass-snakes if you ask me. These are trees with freaky shapes, made by Chinese gardeners. They use bamboo sticks and ropes to create them.G: Thanks for sharing this fantastic project with us! Do you have further special projects planned for the future?

V: Big thanks to you too for help and the opportunity to make something unusual and exciting like this production happen. Of course, I have some new ideas, but I need some time to think them through and realize them.G: The last question: have you ever been to Mars?

V: That is a strange question! Of course, I’ve been to Mars. In my dreams 😉