What do you do on hot days? You leave everything behind and drive to the lake. You dive headlong into the cool water. A hearty refreshment is urgently needed.

And if you have to work? That’s easy: You just haul your work to the lake. Done, and done! The Gustafsson boys are crafty when it comes to combining work, leisure, and fun.

Young couple swimming in lake at sunset - GUSF02365

They recently proved this to us during their Germany–Netherlands–Belgium trip, having brought their camera along, and, because you don’t separate an experienced team, the two models from the campaign were also booked. The fact that they are friends of Julius naturally makes the whole thing easier.

Young woman relaxing in hammock by the lake - GUSF02297

Wanted: Your favorite swimming lake, nice and quiet, and it doesn’t even have to be that big.

Finally it was a roadtrip and this time, as is suitable for the summer heat, an evening excursion to the lake. Incidentally, this is a small, secret spot of the Gustafsson boys, where they like to go without a camera on hot days to cool off. Young couple enjoying summer at the lake, standing on a paddleboard - GUSF02353“In the evening, when the light is at its best, it’s like a small personal fjord,” Christoph tells us. An ideal setting for a real summer romance production. The rest we leave to your eyes. Looking at the pictures, we are sure that the whole team went for a swim with the last shutter release. Splish, splash…