We put this question out there: When was the last time there was yawn-inducing nothingness? Has anyone had the feeling in the last two or three months that nothing is going on? No, there is no real summer slump anymore thanks to 24/7 media coverage. So all we have left is the trap door into autumn. 

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We know that at some point it will open, but when exactly and how fast will we fall? Let’s be honest, I don’t know. This year we were hit especially hard; the drop was harder than in any Skrillex song. Suddenly autumn is the topic of these last few weeks. The swimwear and flip-flops are disappearing back into the closet again. A change is coming. What do we do in autumn?

Mature man travelling through Switzerland, standing in nature - LHPF00193

Also a seasonal highlight: Raking leaves and lightheartedly jumping into puddles

Autumn is clearly an outdoor season. The urge to go outside is certainly one of the last summer remnants. But much more relaxed and more thickly wrapped than in the carefree months of summer, we don’t necessarily go to the next ice cream parlor anymore, but rather to places that give us some peace and quiet. If summer is loud and shrill, then autumn is quiet and muted. The Indian Summer is a fascinating time in autumn, when the trees slowly change color from green to yellow, red, and brown, and the forest floors are covered in a beautiful bed of leaves. Scenery that makes not only photographers’ hearts beat faster.

Outside the woods, the foilage causes a little autumn crisis: No matter how much you rake away, the autumn storms decorate the garden again and again. We’re talking about the number one autumn sport, closely followed by the puddle jumping or, for the pro, jumping as deep as possible. You can only look at autumn with a smile. Out of summer: It gets a little more unpleasant, but is still totally cozy.

Autumn culinary arts

Classically, in autumn we shovel chestnuts into us as if there were no tomorrow. The chestnuts are then washed down with liters of pumpkin cream soup. Autumn is usually a hearty month in culinary terms: Somehow you have to get all that winter bacon. By the way, Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Shortbread send their greetings. 

Young woman with homemade pumpkin gnocchi, partial view - ALBF00615

The gourmet meal picks up speed, and we throw some autumn delicacies into the mix: Tagliatelle with parsnips and pancetta, cabbage rolls with risotto mushroom filling, all stews, and really anything with chanterelles. Yeah, why shouldn’t it be time this autumn to turn to the Internet and get inspired by the trendy pages for long cooking sessions, all while the mild autumn storms rage outside?

Leaf of Staghorn sumac, close-up - MJF02156

Winter tires and Christmas presents

Autumn is definitely also a pragmatic season. Probably it is our nature to hoard a little enthusiastically before the next months throw the cold coat of winter over us. But now that we don’t have to retreat into a cave with acorns and chestnuts, but have been given heating and down jackets by evolution, our hoarding consists of doing things we just don’t want to do anymore in winter. At least in Germany, the change from summer to winter tires is the most important thing. Of course, safety comes first. And if we are already doing such useful things, then we can already start to get the Christmas presents for our loved ones. Anything that can prevent stress can somehow fit into the relaxed autumn.

Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna Woods, Exelberg, aerial view on a sunny autumn day over a winding mountainroad - HMEF00109

Setting the mood, beautiful and deep!

If you don’t feel like autumn yet, we’ll try to ease you into it with an autumn Lightbox. Every year, our photographers provide us with wonderful new motifs that just simply get us in the mood. Now we make ourselves a proper tea and roast the chestnuts.

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