Is it possible to still have typical male professions in 2019? Many statistics are referring to the fact, and some even consider specific branches as autarkic male domains. Take building construction and civil engineering, building technology and metal construction for instance. Those are professions where the percentage of women lies under 10%. Another example is logistics: where warehouse logistics and transport unite. We tend to think of work that due to its physical demands are more likely to address male employees. But thanks to technological progress the image of the working man as the only option for the job is fading. As in many other situations, physical advantages are no longer of matter.

In 2015 20,2 percent of the 2,8 million employees in the logistics industry were female. Including the fact that they often work in less visible sections of the branch, such as accounting or administration make it seem as if the department stays a gentlemen’s club.

According to renowned statistical data provider Statista, the percentage of female employees grew to 28,5% in 2017. Quite a significant growth for only two years. Experts also report that there has been a small but continuous growth over the years. Slow but steady the man’s domain is crumbling. Women are still underrepresented, but something is happening. That’s why today we want to commend the often criticized logistics branch.

Daniel Ingold is known for his industrial productions and has done a few of them for us already, especially of the logistics branch. New this time: he only worked with female models, a premiere. The briefed topic was „Business with an industrial background,“ putting the women on set in the role of leadership. We like the enactment of new women power. In Saarland Daniel found the possibility to shoot in the halls of a worldwide operating logistics company. It was a tight schedule of 4 hours filled with shooting in 3 halls, outfit changes, masks, etc. After the finishing on set Daniel said that 4 hours was even not enough to use the rooms to their full potential. Nevertheless, it is the way the job works sometimes, and he managed to once more create a high-quality production in small time.