Fast, complex and uncertain: these are no features of the human seek for security, but at the same time they are the cornerstones modern society is built on. To not loose annexation we play our part in a connected world and neglect our much-appreciated securities. We exchange our longing for comfort for the wish to take part – trying to fight the fear of missing out. We bought the ticket for the rollercoaster called the digitalized world.
Thanks to that digitalization we are on our way to anonymously find love and recognition – what’s up Tinder and co? Almost paradox we try, and at the same time, we keep looking for better alternatives which evolve into homemade stress. All in all: we are the architects of our own instability.

A strong desire for comfort and security

How can we manage to satisfy our deepest needs in today’s life? The solution can be so simple: by reflecting on our personal core competencies and collaborate with each other in harmony. In coalition with like-minded people, we can find the comfort that serves us with friendship, love, and welfare. The development of a social togetherness is the steady anchor that provides us with stability in times of impending chaos. In a socially stable society, everyone brings excellent values to the table, like empathy or creativity. Let us introduce the co-principle!

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Co-Living: together against loneliness

Humans are not made to be lonely. As social beings loneliness stresses us – physically and mentally. We differ between emotional and social loneliness. While the emotional loneliness defines the absence of a loved and trusted person, social loneliness is about the lack of human connections. A smart solution to the problem is co-loving.
Co-Living is a deliberate gathering of an interest group under one roof. The reasons for that are versatile: just the pure enjoyment of company shared meals, altruism or shared interests such as politics, sport or simply a sustainable lifestyle.
With more and more people leaving the countryside to move into bigger cities the reason often is the shortage of housing or high rents. Another phenomenon of our time is the will not to make long term decisions and be able to move at any time. Here we go again – company vs. the concern of losing the merits of independence.

Co-Working: interdisciplinary and bilateral

Another child of our time is the urge for self-realization. Never has there been a higher number of self-employed people and freelancers. In the creative branches such as photography, we are used to seeing flexible working models. Co-Working spaces are the home to many freelancers and furthermore a social, creative surrounding. A designer sits next to an architect, next to a producer and a writer. This way temporary creative conglomerates can form and deform just to serve the common cause of constructiveness. Within these seemingly unsteady relationships, we tend to find the building blocks for long-term social connections.

Co-Operating: common creations

The cooperation is a merger of at least to parties, people or business to reach a common goal. Often airlines cooperate together to be more productive and purposeful while creating savings for the company. Let’s look at something smaller: a shoe collaboration. In these times sports and shoe brands often cooperate with exterior designer to create limited edition shoes – highly fashionable and quickly out of stock. In general, cooperation creates synergies between both parties, influencing each other spiritually, creatively or just logically, supporting an exchange of expertise. When we cooperate, we work in a social system interacting with each other and supporting each others security.

Co-Activity: the perks of group dynamics

Wherever like-minded people meet common activities are created: take health and fitness for instance or the shared love for music. To experience passions together might be the most significant and fastest way to evoke a we-feeling in us. The unique thing about these gatherings: they are often independent of social state and origin, making us equal to each other in a positive thing. This way we experience the intense emotion of being a part of a robust social community and of course it’s a good feeling to not the only thing about yourself.

The Co-principle in photography

Our sales numbers speak plainly: group motifs are on the rise. They sell more often and for better prices than before. Their durability on the stock market has increased by a lot. Starting from business productions, you can now find the co-principle in lifestyle imagery and more. The we-feeling is no longer only communicated through family pictures but gatherings of all kind, connecting people of any origin and sate. These productions embody one of the most critical aspects photography could carry: you are not alone!