Known as the photographer duo VEAM, Anna and Victor are a couple of adventurers who decided to leave everything behind to go on a trip to Africa. They equipped an SUV with a tent on the roof and had no fixed destination and no return date in mind.

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© VEAM/Westend61

They traveled the continent for more than two years through various countries, did the TransAfrica route along the West Coast, met remote tribes, and explored magical places. On this journey, the two lived through all kinds of adventures while having their cameras ready to shoot at any given time.

royaly free images of Africa royalty free images of Africa

The outcome consists of images of unique faces, astonishing landscapes, and beautiful moments. For our blog, Alba Vitta interviewed the two to learn more about their work and their African adventures.

Anna and Victor are talented photographers and know a thing or two about shooting video beautifully. This March, during the global lockdown, they worked on an emotional and inspiring video for a travel agency owned by Victor’s brother. The passion for traveling to African countries clearly runs within the family.