A classic at the beginning of the year: every industry has an eye on trend movements and topics that will dominate the upcoming year, including the image industry. While some deal with unicorns and space and others with conceptual realism, this year we asked ourselves: What impact do trends have on lifestyles and society as a whole?

Trends are important aspects that we focus on in all of our people and lifestyle image productions. Megatrends such as “digitalization”, “sustainability”, “connectivity” and “individualization” are the defining factors of our time, but for communication, it is getting more and more relevant to assign these topics to the right target groups. To manage that you have to deal intensively with social groups that have emerged from trends and continue to shape them even more.

Our TRENDS 2018 deal with four different lifestyles and associated microtrends. And of course they show lots of fresh images for targeted communication.

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