Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We know Dean Martin for songs like „That’s Amore“ and „Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am.“ If these finde tunes don’t ring a bell, the next one should. His maybe most famous piece is the Christmas evergreen „ Walking in a Winter Wonderland.“ No, we are not talking about the Holiday season 2020 already. We face the fact that technically we are still in Winter, and according to the lyrics of the song, it is about Winter rather than Christmas. 

stock image, royalty-free, Portrait of happy little girl wearing headscarf in winter forest
© Ekaterina Yakunina/Westend61

Sadly in the past couple of weeks, we had to be satisfied with walking in a not so pleasant winter atmosphere. It was rather cold and wet instead of crystal clear skies with snowfall covering the countryside. Luckily, these days the Westend61 base in Munich is just a short train ride and a bit of altitude away from those Winterlands. So we felt free enough to quote Dean Martin right here and right now.

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Fresh air against Winter hangover

It’s cold, freezing. Ok, it is too cold. Finding an excuse not to go out on a real winter day might be super easy. There is mostly only that one. By not going outside, we get a proper winter hangover thanks to the raptures of drinking hot chocolate or tea and just being on the couch in the warmth. The solution is evident but not the easiest one: we have to shake ourselves to get rid of it. Just go outside. Moving around in fresh air will get our circulation running, reduce stress, and the risk of high blood pressure. Let’s not forget the strengthening of our immune system. Do you need more reasons for stepping outside?

Stock image, royalty-free, Germany, Brandenburg, Lake Straussee, portrait of a girl standing on frozen lake, looking at piece of ice on her hand
© Julia Otto/Westend61

Nature is the best medicine for body and soul.

The influences mentioned above get even more positive company. In the northern hemisphere, we tend to have a lack of Vitamin D. It does not matter what we eat or how much as our bodies produce this crucial supplement thanks to sunlight. Just 30 minutes at fresh air every day are already enough to increase the production. 

stock image, royalty-free, Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Schliffkopf, winter landscape at Black forest
© pure.passion.photography/Westend61

Movement drives our metabolism. It’s like the starter kit for every process in our body. Each walk, no matter how small, is way better than hanging around at home doing nothing. Another reason to spend more time out in the cold is our mind. Once you got off that couch and out there, you will be arriving back home with a significant mood upswing. We promise.

Stock Image, royalty-free, Portrait of happy woman lying down on frozen lake surface
© Mareen Fischinger/Westend61

A weather forecast

Now you readers might ask how to ponder through Winter Wonderland when there isn’t Winter going on. We won’t promise anything, but let’s make this a first and have a little weather forecast on our blog. Sorry, it’s not International as we don’t have the editorial resources to cover that 😉 There is a small hope we will have an onset of Winter by the end of January. Well, the north will still be cloudy as always, but in the south, it looks quite promising with temperatures dropping to as much as zero degrees. That’s a start for the possibility of snowfall. In the meantime, we take an imaginary walk through Winter Wonderland with this Lightbox and hope for the first snow to fall.

Sebastian Bentzin

For over ten years Sebastian works in the digital media field. The Hamburg-based social media manager combines his professional background with his interest in photography contributing to the Westend61 outlets.