Westend61, Europe’s largest producer of premium lifestyle images. We rely on a curated product palette selected by art directors in combination with attractive price packages. In addition to this is a service that both saves his customers time and ensures quality. It is our goal to offer the most beautiful stock photos to our clients fitting to their needs.

We live service

Why should customers buy at Westend61 and not from other providers? When searching for the right motif, many customers are virtually overwhelmed by an excess of irrelevant motifs, which they have to laboriously and arduously fight their way through. That doesn’t happen at Westend61. Each picture is tested by our art directors for its market viability. There are many criteria that are considered, such as credibility, likeable faces, market-relevant concepts, and good technical quality. I was immediately impressed by the high level of people and lifestyle images, and that’s why I’m here. Furthermore, Westend61 doesn’t just talk service, it lives it. This starts with quick decision-making about rights clearance and does not end with support in image research.

Personal consultation

With us, every customer receives not only a quickly assembled lightbox from a service team but also advice from experienced art directors. The same people who develop premium images with a network of over 600 photographers advise the customers when it comes to their visual language. This is something very special because the buzzwords like visual storytelling, visual branding, or custom content have to be filled with content, and that takes place here. True to our company motto: “We Inspire. You Create.” And the best thing is: for our clients the research is for free.

We have much more to offer. Our experienced team and international photographer network serve the demand for top trends in the stock photography market. On the one hand, there is a need for very classic image material. Great models, well styled in modern locations, and the whole thing relevant to concepts such as business or family. Many photographers don’t put in the effort anymore; these pictures have become rarer, but we have a lot to offer. Large corporations such as banks or insurance companies, especially, are looking for such motifs, as they serve many target groups at once. This is easier with said photos than with more unusual ones, in which, for example, tattooed models are shown from top to bottom.

Another very powerful trend—and our clients in advertising love this a lot—goes in the direction of realism, so as not to use the somewhat trite term ‘authenticity.’ The models in these pictures should be genuine and credible, the photographer acts from an observing position, the viewer feels right in the middle. Here, too, we are strongly positioned. And sometimes you need a mixture of both. So customers are in good hands with us, and being able to offer that is a lot of fun for me.

Contact us

In conclusion, I would like to highlight our flexible image packages: we offer price structures with the SMART and FLEXI Pack, which aren’t available elsewhere. Our customers get maximum flexible package prices, and, if required, they can start with just three pictures. But this is just one measure of many. You can always call us, write to us, meet us… we look forward to it!