There are no such things as long official channels at Westend61 – we are used to working in a network since our staff is spread all over Germany and we even have an Italian outpost. The only problem: we barely see each other and meetings are often held via Skype. Same goes for our photographers: spread all over Europe and always in action at the next production we occasionally set eyes on them. All the greater was the joy when the team of GPOINTSTUDIO from Dębica, Poland stopped at our Headquarter in Munich. Of course, we had pointed the camera at them to take a short video with managing director Anna and Marcelina, one of the leading producers. Of course with that significant amount of girl power in the photography industry, we had some questions! Besides the naming of their agency we were actively interested in their operation and the life behind the images. On top, we got little feedback on our cooperation. Watch the video for the full interview.