It is drastic times that we are living in. No, this is not going to be a political text – instead we talk about every Germans’ favorite topic: the weather. Everyone talks about it. We join in, but we do not want to complain.

The days get shorter, perceptibly colder, just darker. It rains a lot a lot, the wind has us freezing marrow-deep, and our mood becomes worse. Especially after the summer-of-a-lifetime we just had, the change of weather hits us hard. Some get in a bad temper, some lack in drive or even worse – get an autumn depression.   

Less Serotonin, more Melatonin. What does that mean?

The reason for such a depression is rather simple. Due to the change of weather and also time we abruptly get less sunlight per day. Our bodies produce less Serotonin which is the semiochemical for happiness. With worse moods come ravenous hunger or worse, lack of appetite. But why are we tired and weak?

There is also an explanation for that. With less sunshine, our bodies produce more Melatonin, the semiochemical signalizing: time for hibernation! It makes sense in the history of human evolution but explains to your boss that it’s time for a nap because it is dark outside and raining all the time anyway. That could be difficult.

What to do against tristesse?

There is a lot of things you can do against a bad mood, starting with movement, movement, and movement – best case outside with fresh air and daylight. Everyone should be able to clear at least 30 minutes a day for a brief workout. Take your lunch break for example.

A short excursion: Nutrition plays a big part concerning our autumn blues. Since less Serotonin takes it tolls on our stomach, we have to take care of healthy nutrition. Bye bye burgers and welcome fresh fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Back to movement. Sport is known to be a producer of happiness hormones and therefore perfect to cure the autumn depressions. This is where the blues turns into dance music that boosts you every day. Ideally, you work out in a group because social activities are a big mood changer. Not only in sports – organize gaming or movie nights.

We summarize our cure for autumn blues: Movement, healthy nutrition and spending time with friends – you should feel better in no time!

One more tip: decorate your home in vibrant autumn colors. You can find some inspiration in our autumn lightbox.