Research Know-How for Pros

So your familiar with the ins and outs of working with image databases and know how every filter functions? Then you’re going to enjoy searching our database that’s equipped with everything you’ve come to expect and more. Below is an overview of the most important features of our database:

  • display as grid or info view
  • search for exclusive material
  • search by type of license and format
  • search by number of people, age groups and ethnicities
  • search by image type (ex. isolated subjects, interior views, night scenes)
  • search by property and model release
  • search for collections
  • search by topics
  • display similar images
  • display other images from the same series
  • display images with the same model
  • display images from the same photographer

These functions (along with rigorous editing during the selection process for our portfolio) ensure that you’ll quickly locate the quality image you’re looking for. After making your selection, just a few clicks will take you to licensing, where you’ll find our simple and transparent licensing plans. The convenient options they offer will significantly ease your administrative burden. Go ahead and give it a try!

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We really do know our images well…

When locating the right image is a challenge, or the clock is ticking with no solution in sight, call on our photographic professionals to assist you with your search. Brief us on your needs and we’ll prepare corresponding image selections and provide you with layout details to help your creative process move forward swiftly. This free service is available to all our registered customers.


Mareike Zander
Art Director & Photo Editor

Mareike always is in close contact with our photographers, arranges shootings and edits incoming images - so she knows our material and new entries best.

Telefon +49(0)89 4524426-17

Simon Göhler
Head of Sales

Those who, like Simon, daily advises clients to chose the right images has a good eye for picture languages and know, which images in which industries work particularly well.

Telefon +49(0)89 4524426-21