You are thrilled by our content and need more than just two images for your current project? A look on our SMART PACKS is worth your time then. Start saving money at the third picture of your selection.


Huge selection, small prices: With our SMART PACKS you enjoy all advantages and freedoms of a classic RF-Lizenz while going easy on your budget with every use of our images.

Besides reduced license costs our SMART PACKS offer further beneficial qualities:

  • Easy to receive via our webshop. No complex filling out forms
  • Practical download contingents starting at three pictures and three file sizes
  • Unlimited validity, no expiration date on your contingent
  • each SMART PACK includes free research service

Buy a SMART PACK now

How to work with SMART PACKS?

The SmartPack offers you a pre-rebated download contingent. This means you buy a contingent of downloads at a convenient price. With this contingent you can download pictures at any time - no time limitations.

Once you acquired a SMART PACK, your download contingent is Safe to your profile under the SMART PACK option. Here you can find all info: which pictures you downloaded, how many downloads you already used, and how many you have left. You also get the info in the search results after every image research.

You have three options to download pictures with your smart pack:

  1. When you hit the bull’s eye at the Image search, you can directly use your SMART PACK download by clicking on the icon on the right bottom of the image thumbnail.
  2. Once you acquired a SMART PACK, the image preview offers the option „download with SMART PACK“.
  3. Alternatively, you can save images to your shopping cart and use the button „download with SMART PACK“.

With the download, the picture is automatically licensed, is subtracted from your contingent and free to use for usage in your projects.

There is no more comfortable, faster and more budget-friendly way!

Can I upgrade (to a higher resolution) or exchange pictures?

Once you downloaded a picture from a package, it counts as licensed. Since it is digital data, you can not exchange it for another image or size. Contact our consultants when you have further questions:

How does the payment work?

You can purchase the SMART PACK via credit card and Paypal. Your credit card gets charged once you made the payment (not when you download a picture). You receive the receipt via E-Mail. When you need an invoice or a differing method of payment, please contact us at


Head of Sales

As Head of Sales, Ellen is your contact for all questions regarding the licensing process and for consultation and advice in all image matters. She will surely find the perfect solution for your individual image and usage needs.

Telefon +49(0)89 4524426-18