To be honest: We don’t only love our images – we also love our photographers, who have been at the center of our work since the founding of Westend61 in 2003. Working closely with our Art Department, these photographers never fail to impress us with their creativity. Together we’ve been able to assemble a portfolio which is not only unique in Germany, but throughout Europe, simply because the best lifestyle photographers on the continent have decided to call Westend61 their home.

Today, thanks to this productive symbiosis, Westend61 is the first place people go for premium lifestyle photography in Europe. With an impressive network of more than 500 international photographers and over 100 sales and distribution partners, we supply image buyers worldwide with our extraordinary and engaging photos. Our focus is first rate, advertising-friendly lifestyle images – and in addition you’ll discover high-quality images centering on subjects such as travel, nature and food.

Most importantly, we place great emphasis on promoting a genuine and contemporary European visual language. That’s what makes the images we offer so unique, so in line with and relevant for today’s applications – and it’s also what consistently fascinates our customers.

Get inspired by our images!