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Inspire Trends 2021

In "year 1 after Corona" we live in a new normality. Forced isolation has changed the way we interact and perceive each other. Existential human needs for protection and security, but also for community, are coming to the fore. The megatrends of security, mindfulness and digitalization are gaining momemtum.

In our 2021 Trend Report, we show you how the "New Normal" can be expressed in powerful images. These stock photos make it clear that crises can also awaken our creativity and trigger positive developments. This holds great potential for all of us - and endless ideas for emotional Royalty Free images that have that certain something.

Trends 2021 summarizes all the important aspects of this complex topic for you. We describe how professional and private lives are changing and why environmental protection is becoming meven ore important. We explain how improvisation can become innovation and we show the psomising beginnings of a new sense of unity.

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