how can we be different? Stockimages about diversity

Those who look different are different – seems to be the most simple definition. But it´s not that simple…

Is AI going to replace Photographers? Interview with Gerald Staufer, CEO of Photo Agency Westend61

Many photographers are worried about AI. But is AI a real threat to photography? This post presents the thoughts of the CEO of German photo agency, Westend61, on this matter.

Specific instead of complex: visual language with a clear focus on the essentials

The flood of images and information that we are exposed to on a daily basis sometimes threatens to overwhelm us. This is when we need to regain clarity. A minimalist visual language can also contribute to this by quickly focusing on the essentials with a reduction to simple forms.

(Urban) landscape photographer Kerstin Bittner: on the move between street canyons and quiet places of longing

The diversity of the colorful visual worlds in Westend61’s portfolio is reflected in the individuality of the photographers we work with throughout Europe. Here you will find people with the most diverse backgrounds and photographic concepts.

Images of shared values offer support and orientation in a complex world

In advertising, and therefore also in stock photography, intangible values are becoming increasingly important. Anyone who wants to market their products successfully must therefore address their target group not only with concrete sales arguments, but also with emotional sensitivity.

Gaining the trust of the target group with authentic imagery

A key feature of successful image communication is credibility. Consumers have become more skeptical and critical. That’s why you can hardly convince them with exaggerated promises and clichéd images.

Anything but kitschy: nostalgic picture stories

Security, stability and familiarity are strong basic human needs. This becomes particularly clear in times of crisis: under the impression of general uncertainty, the collective desire for security and orientation grows.

Because first impressions count: strong images for exciting stories

Successful advertising is no coincidence, it is the result of a targeted customer approach. Images play a very important role in this: they convey the all-important first impression. After all, they decide whether we find something interesting – or not.

Trend INSPIRE “Shaping the future”: Images that encourage us to look forward to tomorrow

“What will the future bring?” At the turn of the year, most people are certainly asking themselves this question. Even the greatest optimists have to admit that we are living in challenging times: International conflicts, social tensions, economic uncertainties and environmental issues are drawing worry lines on the foreheads of